I went through my Facebook newsfeed (like I always do on the train every morning) and bumped into a SoundCloud link of this Mananz-produced Ms Supa, Qba, and Skye Wanda collaboration. Or should I say “consortium”?
Sampling a cover of Skylark’s “Wildflower” – a song about the hardships women face, Cape Town super producer Mananz adds a mean bassline coupled with a head-banging pulsating rhythm which Ms Supa, Qba and Skye Wanda ride like the vets they are.

I’ve always questioned Ms Supa’s skills on the mic and even though I can’t exactly lay my finger on what my issues with her are, she once again fails to leave a long-lasting impression on me.

The gutter chick, Qba appears on the second verse with her trademark charismatic delivery. Her obnoxious straight-to-your-face verse is simply my favourite even though there’s a tad too much spelling of words going on and she says “IDC” more than the rules of rapping would allow in a rap song, in the manner she does. But she emphatically makes it clear that she really doesn’t care. She opens, “Your dude tried to mac(k) like that fly PC/ Wasn’t ‘bout the stacks so IDC” hmmm…She continues, “His ball’s not bigger than my titty/ Ooh! That’s too graphic? IDC,” yeah, she clearly doesn’t care. She probably wouldn’t care about my opinion either.

Durban’s Skye Wanda, who I last encountered on 2009’s brilliant Touch the Skye EP  , appears on the third verse kickstarting it with a sing-songy delivery and switching it up to some solid rapping.
Nothing much that could save the world or change lives is being said on this track but the charismatic cockiness and synergetic chemistry the three exhibit over this Mananz banger is money! My question is: where is Khanyi Mavi on this joint?!

You can download the tune here

Images: Facebook



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